Chipolo One Key Finder (2020) – Best Bluetooth Key Finder

Key finders have become an everyday carry item. It is very important for them to work when they are needed. Chipolo one key finder never fails in your quest to find your lost items. With new exciting features, Chipolo One key finder is in the list of world’s best key finders. It has lots of new features like voice control, bigger battery, louder speaker, water-resistant and more.

Features and Specifications of Chipolo One Best Lost Key Finder

Range and Volume of Chipolo One Key Finder

Range and volume are the two main things that everyone sees before buying any Bluetooth key finder. Chipolo One Key Tracker has a range of 200 feet (60 m) in the line of sight. And has the loudest volume of 120DB. it is louder than a tile key finder.

Battery of Chipolo One Key Finder

Chipolo key finder has the longest battery life when we compare it to the devices that come with a replaceable battery. It has 2 years long battery life. When its battery is about to expire, Chipola key finder sends you a notification on your phone to replace the battery. A CR2 battery is included in the package when you buy this lost key finder device.

Color, Size, Weight, and Water-Resistant

Unlike other Bluetooth key finders, Chipolo One has a variety of colors. It comes in Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Green and Black colors. Chipolo One key finder is small in size and light in weight. Its thickness is 0.25 in (6.4mm). It has a size of 1.49 in (37.9mm). You can use it on any item that you misplace often. Chipolo One is water-resistant (splash-proof), so you can use it to track your pets as well. 

Phone Finder and Camera Shutter Button

Chipolo One key tracker helps you when you are unable to find your phone. You just need to press the button of Chipolo and your phone will start ringing. You can also use Chipolo key finder as a camera shutter button to take selfies.

Free Out Of Range Alerts

This is one of the best features a key finder can possess. Whenever you leave your Chipolo One behind. You will get a notification on your phone that you left something behind. In this way, you never leave your belongings behind.

Control Chipolo Key Finder With Your Voice

Chipolo one key finder works with Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on smart speakers and mobile devices with the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant app installed. You just have to ask “Hey Google ask Chipolo to find my keys” Or “Hey Siri,  ask Chipolo to find my keys”.

Last known Location and Community Search

If you have lost your item, and you are no longer in its Bluetooth range. You can track it by checking its last known location on the app. But if your item is no longer there tap the “Mark as lost” button on Chipolo app. Whenever a Chipolo user is in its range, You will receive an updated location of your item.

Final Thoughts

When you buy Chipolo one key tracker you get 30 days money-back guarantee and 12 months repair or replace repair / replace warranty. You also get good support when you need any help. With all-new exciting features, I recommend using Chipolo One. That’s because the company has improved this device and have added new exciting features that we have discussed above.