Cube – Best Tracking Device for keys – Review

What makes cube the best tracking device for keys?


Best Tracking Device for Keys, Cube has a simple but impressive design. Its coated with matte black rubber, which gives it a premium look and feel.

Weigh and Dimension

The cube key finder is very small in size and light in weight. It only weighs 12g and dimension 38mm x 38mm x 9mm. This makes the cube easy to carry. 

Find your phone

You can use Cube key tracker, Best Tracking Device for Keys to find your phone as well as finding other items. Press button on cube and your phone will start ringing, vibrating and flashing. 

Separation Alert

Cube key finder alerts you know by sending a notification on your phone that when you left something important behind. This feature is very useful because when we are in a hurry we leave something important behind.

Range and volume

Cube key finder has 100 feet of operating range. There are many key finders and trackers in the market with a greater range but they lack few features. For example, They do not have a replaceable battery or separation alert. Cube key finder has 80dB volume.

Track Key Tracker with an App

You can track Cube key tracker with a mobile app. In its app, you can see the last known location of the cube. It uses Bluetooth to show if you are near or far. 


There are many key trackers and finders in the market. But most of them have fixed batteries in them. This means when the battery of your key tracking device runs out, you need to buy a new tracker for keys. But if you buy Cube key tracker you don’t have to buy a new key tracker device every year because Cube comes with a replaceable battery option.

You will need CR2032 battery for your cube.


Its waterproof design makes it more reliable if you compare it with other key trackers. You don’t have to worry if its raining or your keys fell in the water.

Extra Feature

You can also use cube key tracker as a shutter button for the camera of your phone.

Final Thoughts

There are 15% of customers who claim that their cube key finder disconnects with their cell phone. But remaining had no issue while using the cube key tracker. Cube has everything that other key finders have and in some cases cube is better than others. This makes cube one of the best tracking devices for keys and other items.

You can use Cube key tracker and finder on any item and things such as your luggage, your bags and even on your pets.