CUBE Pro – Tracker Device For keys & Wallet

“Less time searching more time doing”

Does this happen with you too? That when you need something, and you can’t find it.  For example, your keys and wallet. If yes, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore. How? The best Tracker device for keys and other items is here to help you.

CUBE Pro – Best tracking device for keys and wallet

When you see CUBE Pro Key Finder for the first time, you may think that it is an ordinary key-chain. Underneath its eye-catching design very smart technology is used. Once you start using it, you will never worry about losing your precious items and belongings again. 

Cube Pro Key Finder

Features of CUBE Pro Bluetooth and GPS tracker for wallet

There are many good key trackers in the market. And that’s why you need to do some research before buying a tracking device for wallet and keys. Here are the top reasons why the CUBE pro tracker device for keys is on top of the list in the market.

Operating Range.

When it comes to the operating range CUBE tracker device for keys is on the top of the list, unlike other key finders CUBE pro has an operating range of 200 feet.

Replaceable Battery

Replace the battery, not the CUBE. Yes! When the battery of your CUBE Pro Key tracker runs out, replace the battery instead of buying the CUBE.

Weight and Size

The weight of the CUBE pro tracker device for keys is 0.48 Ounce. And it is a little bigger than a coin. Its only 1.6 square inches in dimension and 0.2 inches thick.

Phone Finder

You can use CUBE to find your phone, CUBE Pro will locate your phone by Ringing it, vibrate it, and flash it. This function works even if the app is not running.

Easy To Use App

CUBE Tracker app shows the last known location on a map. Bluetooth is used to check if you are near or far. Press the find button on your App and CUBE will ring. CUBE Pro has one more exciting feature. It alerts you when you leave something behind.


CUBE Key tracker or finder is waterproof. This makes it ideal to be used on the collar of your pet.