Tile Pro – Review – Best Tracking Device For Keys

Tile Pro – Best Tracker Device For Keys And Other Items

A tiny little device that helps you find your lost items. Such as keys, wallets, purses, Suitcase, remote control, toys, and so many other things. TILE, Tracking device for keys and other items will help you to never lose things ever again. You can utilize the time that you waste in finding lost items. Save time and avoid stress.

Let’s find out what new features TILE have added in this year’s models.

Find your phone

With Tile Tracker you can search your phone. For this, what you have to do is, press the small button on your TILE pro tracking device and your phone will ring, vibrate and flash to let you know where it is. This feature is very helpful for you when you are in the car and can’t find your phone. Grab your TILE pro tracking device and press the button on it and your phone will let you know where it is. 

Works with Alexa, Google Assistance and Siri

This feature is one of the best features of the tile key finder. You don’t need to unlock your phone, open an app and search for a lost item. If you have Google assistance, all you have to do is ask. “Hey Google, ask TILE to find my keys”. This feature is very handy and saves much more time. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Siri.

Replaceable Battery

In Previous models, the TILE pro key tracker didn’t come with a replaceable battery. And you needed to replace the TILE when its battery runs out. Customers demanded such a device in which they could replace the battery. So that they don’t have to buy new devices every year. TILE listened to its customers and introduced a TILE pro key tracker that comes with a replaceable battery option.

Battery Type for TILE Pro Key Tracker: CR2032

(If you have subscribed to premium plan from app, you will receive new battery every year)

Range and Volume

TILE has worked on the range and volume of the TILE Pro key finder and has extended it. The new range of TILE pro finder has a range of 400 ft or 122m. And the volume got even louder than the previous model. which is very good. Now it is the best device to find things.

Active Community Find 

Some trackers help only when you are in the range of these devices. But with TILE you can find your lost items even if you are not in its range. How? TILE Pro Tracking Device for keys works as a GPS tracker for your lost item. TILE searches for a nearby running app. And sends you the exact location of your item. 

Water Resistance and Tough Design

I believe this feature makes Tile Pro key tracker more durable. How? A big number of people are using TILE to locate their keys. Keys often fell on the ground and got wet in rain. And this means the tile tracking device hits the ground or gets wet as well as keys. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Because the new TILE Pro best Bluetooth tracker for keys is ready for a tough world. and it becomes the best key finder device in the market.

Premium Features:

These Exclusive Premium features give you greater finding power.

  • Smart Alerts: TILE App sends you a notification when you leave the TILE pro key tracker behind.
  • Free Battery Replacement: Get Free Battery delivered to your address every year.
  • 30 days location history: TILE gives you access to 30 days location history of your TILE pro tracking device.
  • Unlimited Sharing: TILE allows you to share TILE pro with your friends and family so they can help you find your lost item.

Try Premium features free for 30 days. Then it’s only $40 a year or $4 a month. You can subscribe to this plan from the Tile app. 

On what things you can use the Tile Pro tracking device?

You can use Tile pro, Bluetooth key finder on things which you take with you when you go out of your house. You can use tile to track your keys, pets, handbags, luggage, bicycle, umbrella, laptops, camera and more.

Where To Buy Tile, The Best Tracking Device for keys?